Blind Ambition

by Richard Desire

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released January 3, 2013

Recorded at [kp]mag studios
Engineered by Hamid Ali




Richard Desire Maryland

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Track Name: Here We Go (feat. Wanja)
Verse 1:
I put my music together, start with a vinyl core
And then give it life with a heart beat and a spinal chord
Make it a statement and bangin in case they might ignore
And oppurtunities knockin but who's behind the door
What you think I'm rhymin for a mental exam
My flow is tighter than culdesac party parkin so face it
Amazing ovations are great but it's about how you take it so

Take it slow, away we go
The melody and rhythm tells the people that we're different
When you hear the change, you'll feel the same
Forget the things they told you, let the music just control you
Here we go

Verse 2:
One thing with music, when it hits, you feel no pain
Thats only if you feel it in your brain
You feel it in your heart, then you might start to feel it in you veins
And nothing that you feel with be the same, what a shame
You misunderstood me when I said I'd get into your jeans
I mean DNA not denim baby, rip em at the seams
Using music as the means to alter you double helix
So now you don't just listen anymore you come to feel it so

Track Name: Blind Ambition
Living every day to define mans mission
Lookin to the sky for divine transmission
Deaf mans vision makes the blind man listen
Eyes on the prize this is blind ambition

What you find inside my mind is worse than Tyler durden
This is like if Johnny quest strapped a bomb to haji's chest and left
C4 hidden inside his turban
Then him to detonate his chest and face inside a church when
Girls and guys were learning bible verses
Leaving nobody moving, just to call it idle worship
Ironic though making a wake out a revival service
Quite disturbing but i bet before the final curtain
I get the last laugh and the final word in
I'm not a violent person, not sure if that's known
But you rap clones need backbones and I'm feelin like a spinal surgeon
And I'm determined just to prove to you you cannot be Richard
To me this rappin is a passion not a hobby mister
You toy soldiers want the war until your body's splintered
Get scorched when I put a pitchfork through you snobby hipsters
Ima storm you can't prepare for like a Mohave blizzard
Catchin all types of wreck and leavin the mic in check like Bobby Fisher
And you should probably get your things you gon have to bounce
No progression cause you're frontin but you're backin out
Struggling to find the right click like an apple mouse
And it's over when the fat lady sings and Adele's platinum, ouch
I have drive. I don't need a Benzi Beamer Bentley
Seems that many teams recieve their ending if they speak against me
Not a Muslim but you eating with police offends me
Vegan tendencies are deemed unhealthy when the beef is plenty
My 16's kill, why squeeze it til the piece is empty
How they Marvel at my bars'll turn Bruce banner green with envy
Probably resent me but you niggas embarrass me
Wearin out my patience like physical therapy
I make this music to give something to it
You do ya thang for gain we're different apparently
Napoleon complex til they niggas in Paris me
Then I'll do it bigger than Warren Buffet's mission for charity
Cut from a differently cloth, ain't no rippin or tearin me
Dollars spent on uncommon sense, I'm a bit of a rarity
Four eyes see through your lies, no vision impairing me
And I would trade it all for a minute of clarity
Im chillin out in Acapulco, illin with with a lot of locos
Fuckin proud, take a couple bows like waka flocka vocals
You got a lot of dough, does everybody got to know though
I'm sure that life's more than drops and hoes and poppin logos
Can't collect $200 dollars, you won't go for it
On the road to success but you won't floor it
They ain't gainin position cause they're aimin and missin
They claiming theyre driven but they have nothing to show for it
They claim I'm the same but no way I'm sane
I got both the Parker brothers scared to play my game
They say that I'm offroading, I'm tryna make my lane
I got Voldermort himself scared to say my name
She got too much baggage she won't take my plane
Hit up congress and break up bills to make my change
They heard he's eclectic, every word is electric
And I still show out like emergency exits
I'm the creature in the dark, tell your son and your daughter
But you're speaking to a shark that smells the blood in the water
Im the right man to lower any hype jams life span
Cause mic stands are like lambs that are coming to slaughter

Track Name: Allah Wakbarr
Verse 1:
Can you kick it
I heard you can boot it if the shoe fits
Better tie your laces up if you intend to do this
I'm Adam Vinaterri preparing your last lesson
Beware if Lucy moves the ball away at the last second
Ain't no half stepping. Only go full throttle
Ain't no glass empty, Ordered a full bottle
But before you celebrate make sure you really want this
Cause really one miss can turn you into Billy Cundiff
Bitch you wasnt with me kickin in the breeze
If the world is a stage, during intermission leaven
Are the innocent decieved by the Ignorance and greed
Do they need four eyes for a different vision please
Just a bit of fore sight is what your intuition needs
I guess its hard to stay afloat with all those Inconsistent seas
My mind is a maze meant to lead other minds to amazement
Comin to you live from the Matrix

Verse 2:
These guys are lackin the right action when its camera time
Dammit I'm Thor to you whores and its hammer time
You can tell he bitch made cause all he drop is panty lines
And rhymings like ridin bikes, come to bars I handle mine
I'm the one that even the Mighty Duck like Anaheim
Cause the way i jot a piece down like Atlanta signs
Sound of Music, Roger that, call me Hammerstein
Get that Andrew Lloyd Webber cheddar until that Phantoms mine
Got it? Stand in line and grab you a ticket
And I will show you where my mind is like a mathematician
They just tryna skip the class but they lackin the vision
Lines are dope, you try to quote me, gonna have an addiction
You gon crash in a minute, everybody watchin. Your stock is droppin
Sunshine is not Eternal so my Mind cannot be Spotless
You probably clockin with no numbers, You Movado watchin
This is what it sounds like when failure is not an option
Track Name: Ocean's Eleven
Plot is dark but it's starting to thicken
And when it don't got heart it's the hardest to listen
We as a culture have a martyr addictions
But livin by what they died for is the hardest decision
Pardon me Part of me wishin they had web Dubois to read
I hope the humbleness I've learned can avoid the greed
Half of the music dudes are makin is just noise to be
life is a whirlwind but I enjoy the breeze
Visitin places that if traced will help youo see god
Post it on tumblr hand double dare ya to reblog
But if I tried to buy the bar instead of raise it
I would get the world as my payment,
Nothin you heard from your parents would prepare ya
For Italian ferraris and America ferrera
Spend my life as the terror of an era
If you're watchin me for modesty the arrogance'll scare ya
I think sleeping is a waste of time
Stops me from lettin my dreams escape my mind
Shame to find all these minor mcs with major lies
Didn't have to cut and paste but they played your eyes
Frontin ass drug dealers can't back up their hollowgrams
Livin in the past while I'm visiting tomorrow land
Studying ways to play secret notes
So my songs could raise peoples hopes more than the lotto can
Clever am I Rollin up a Dutch in Rotterdam
Yes she got a man and I'm a hell of a guy
Me and the misses trippin to exotic lands cause
Rich will get big bills til he's pelican fly
Well if I try, keep my songs dope and keep a strong focus
We all in this game but you got the wrong coaches
So your outcomes the same like lebron chokin
That's what happens when you play for the wrong motives
See if ain't for retail then its for the females
Hourglass shaped, time spent in every detail
Coulda been brains but given beauty instead
Dime outside but a 2 in the head
Catch every eye in every room she standin
With the conversation skills of a mannequin
Doesnt know a thing of the government mentions
But she's an expert on guccis summer collection
I write my deeper rhymes for both sides of peoples minds
So when offered that route I politely must decline
I do it for the love fuck the diamonds and the dimes
Discretion of inception I just hide it my mind
Totem of my life you guys won't seem to find
But it's discovery would be like light thats seen by blind
Take my punishment right between the eyes
And ima Nikehead, not the type to even try
I just....

Track Name: Bottle Service (feat. Carl Pierce)
Good weed, bad women
Fast cars, fast livin
You'da though we got it perfect
All we need is bottle service
Fast lane, high pace
All in, high stakes
And all my people rollin with me throwin it up

Please tell the models to escort the bottles
Champagne flights through the night
Man its the life, tonights the night
We gon get right
Girl don't be nervous, we bout that bottle service

Verse 1:
So fly my flights overnight.
You know the guy, few know the life
This lifes a gamble, who rolls the dice?
Those that know their value and know their price
So I live it up
Middle fingers up if you didn't give a fuck what they bringin up
These thirsty niggas buy drinks? (The fuck?)
I'm with models and bottles they bring to us
See my team come 1st like a prefix
And the money come 2nd like a remix
Cause the same people I starved with are the same people I eat with
And its clear to see that we feastin, I got an appetite for destruction
She's Adrianna's complexion with Aphrodite's seduction
I made sure that if I did it, you know that I always did my thing
I'ma handle the shit life brings until that day that we live like kings
And I love it, livin in this moment that we in
And Im just hoping that this moments not the end, until then give me


Verse 2:
Then I thought to myself like, does it all really matter
Is the cash and the clothes and the baddest of hoes really all that were after
What I jot in verses got you thinking i got it perfect
Til the moments fade and you feel like you're livin without a purpose
Death is promised, life is not and I just gotta live mine
Layin tracks to make a path in case I should forget mine
And this time is uncertain, never sure whats in store
And while I search for something more, can't ignore the allure of the

Track Name: IDGAF
Verse 1:
Take a trip straight down to h town then I lean like Hakeem Olajuwon
heard of the name and the words that I slang got me labeled a street phenomenon
Yes I speak atomic bombs fuck is you tryna C4
Active with my Passive fist til your battleships on the sea floor
No crashin I won't sleep well til my Aston is a v12
She dont have no class but her ass got her a cl
I like cover girls and centerfold and beauty queens from the old country
Meet for lunch, cheif a blunt then
Beat it up like she stole from me
It's Mary time, that 420. new chain cost no money
You coppin jewels I'm dropping jewels, That's knowledge fool, shit so funny
Flow so cold your nose runny, better get your kleenex
Game is looking fucked up and im bout to press the reset
Nerdy nigga but straight ignit. Old lac with that paint drippin
Red top, half black, half white, Blake griffin
Treble trouble, that bass hitting that beat drop and yo face missin
I go far, take Goyard and got more bars than state prisons
Changing my location to you lame niggas I stay distant
Can't visit the places that I day trip with no plane ticket
Physically mentally same difference. Elevate your echelon
Translation, get on my level hoe cause you never on
Your Megaman. I'm Megatron. Wing Zero with the scope on
Your squad be lying as a whole, we call you Voltron
Runnin tracks, hundred laps, get my usain bolt on
To show em I don't give a fuck the whole song

See them niggas over there,
Nigga i don't give a fuck, nigga i don't give a fuck
Never thought that life was fair
told em I don't give a fuck, told em I don't give a fuck
And they really think I care
nigga i don't give a fuck, homie i don't give a fuck
Middle fingers in the air
nigga I don't give a fuck, told them niggas i don't give a fuck

Verse 2:
Feelin the strength of the blunt
Drank in my cup
Scent of the reefer is waking me up
Leavin you sleep with the bass in the trunk
If you blowin my high or you faking the funk
Blow in a day what some make in a month
What you spendin on rent couldn't pay for my dunks
Your lady is lunch Head is amazing the same for her butt but she crazy as fuck
Trying to roll up an 8th in a dutch. Let go of stress when I blow the cess
That hoe you stress, team strokes her neck
Bitch gives blow jobs like coke connects
You clowns need new bounties
What the fuck is a Dog next to Boba Fett
They say they prepared to face the stairs but to rise to the top you gotta know the steps
Want more respect, don't hold ya breath, wanna know the best than you gotta watch me
Tokyo trips with a lot of sake and then take shots like papparazi
Suicide doors to the ride, your boo inside on that kamikaze
Past rhymin bout black diamonds so I told the jeweler to amistad me
Y'all be on that 2 chains but I'm higher up on the food chain
Dope model chick from the Ukraine
Coke bottle thick she a blue flame
And yo bitch is a bic with no butane
You be thinking you fly but you too plane
Nigga my basements your ceilin
And if you hate me cause i state how I'm feelin


I like bowties, Shepard fairey, Vonnegut and film scores
Alvin ailey Woodshocks
Exclusive nikes you might kill for
Get triple teamed and I'll still score
Y'all celebrate and I'm still bored
If you're trying to find you a sign of the times then the rhymes that I write are a billboard
I follow the beat of my own drum
Gotta know how it feels
bombin the beat til the song done
Gotta know how to build
I'ma stay true to me, state musically everything i am
Talk shit and you think I give a damn

Track Name: Dear Summer
This is a story of boy meets girl
But you should know up front
This is not a love story

Dear Summer, I hope that you get this
I hope no ones around and I hope that you listening
Don't want you to think I only did this cause I miss you
Cause I don't, it's just kinda hard to forget you
Get a couple things up off my chest I didn't get to
Like how the hell did I have you but still couldn't get you
Was there something I ain't give you?
Or even if relationships were leggings they wouldn't fit you, either way I wish you
Have only happy tomorrows while i think about our yesterday's
I'll right it all out until there's nothing left to say
Dreams of being the architect and gettin paid
But I would rather let Ellen Paige build the mental stage
Getting stray love philosophies from all these little girls on soccer teams
"Don't be a pussy" little sister sounds like Socrates
People are seasons, who'da thought after you I'd fall with ease
But I bet it'd get cold as winter if Autumn leaves
But maybe a change in the wether is all I need
Saying you were mine was like I caught the breeze
My dear it might be a bad idea to reminisce about Ikea when she's right here
Ida never thought it could change like that
Never thought I could feel a pain like that
Can't explain how hard I trained to get your name up out my brain
But give it a couple sunny days and it all came right back.
All I have left is these what if questions and memories
Broken belief in fate and a bastard child of destiny
Would say you got the best of me but you just made a better me
So I am no longer bitter that you chose him instead of me
let it be like that record from that band Starring Ringo
How'd you go from wanting no labels to wanting rings though
You did what you did but it's all about progression
And it is what it is but it's all about perception
I learned if love's a movie I just didn't fit the screen
What you expect and what you get are like 2 different scenes
And as I lie on the cutting room floor
I realize I couldn't do more
But I thank you and tell the people that made you in greatful
Who'da thought a life lesson could been so graceful
As far as love, well I'm glad you know it exists
But I still can't play any Hall and Oates or The Smiths
And even though our story is written
I keep it dog eared
And revisit how one season was like a long year
Yet all in all take the good with the bad
I'm thankful for the time we had

Track Name: Better Than You (feat. Ronin & Marlo)
I will behead a competitor, every measure irregular
With the teeth of a predator, every beat is a registered
Victim of Rich sins. When I hold the mic
You Joker types get slit grins and the loaded dice
Part of him a bomb, part of him a beast
Pardon we departing from Milan, party in Belize
Part Charizard, charrin every beat
And I'm throwin heat seekers if the target is in reach
Livin GAWS over flaws til the argument is ceased
Ill flow, crazy bars, spittin Arkham with a leak
How I get her, never sweat her, never cardigan or fleece
And she probably gon be on me even harder when we meets
Tryna get Rich but no equal in Desire
World full of wrong but this evil can inspire
Naysayers and haters only secretly admire
Holy shit each verse? boy you preaching to the choir
Church, Mosque, Synagogue, heavenly roads
That can turn you from Amber to Emily Rose
And my words so wavy your mental erodes
This machine gun funk, let the pencil reload
Track Name: ITT Tech
Intergalactic Track Trafficking
Futurama rhymer with the swagger of Zap Brannagin
If skill is beards I'm ZZ Top and Zack Galifin-
akis comin at this to make sure that you cats practicing
I took my girl to the mall in the gap asking em
Why none of the windows ever have any black mannequins
You're windex chin gets checked, hear glass shattering
Then delete your memory like Men in Black flashin em
Know I'm so bright my flow might just cast shadows then
Leave your eyes so blind to the knowledge my raps packaged with
Kick the shit outta you, beat the crap back in him
Throw it on a track, go plat, I'm that talented
My remedy is never sleep, you crash like bad accidents
Slap yo ass up outta the hammock you cats napping in
Pedal to the metal but maybe i'll back track in an
Olympic edition Audi who's rings surpass Saturn this
Narcotic chart toppin shit aint that challenging
Get me a Tobacco track and I'm spittin that crack again
Here to tip the richter scale and show you lack balance and
You little guys are civilized, believe my pack savages
Everything the same, I am a rap catalyst
That will beat you with Louisville's to raise my bat average
Rather hap hazardous so tell me that I'm trash kid
Just throw a hazmat sticker on the trash lid
I see the bitch in you, leaving Adam with cracked ribs
So ahead of my time you up and comers are has beens
Track killer, ad-libbers get euthanized
Double cross me, get crucified, none of your crew survives
The difference with you and I? I spit the truth inside
And I be getting stoned like I'm rollin up Medusa's eyes
The difference with you and I? I spit the truth inside
And I be getting stoned like I'm rollin up Medusa's eyes
Track Name: Right
Turn up the speakers til the amps blow
Screamin "this is it" but no one in my Camp Lo
We was gettin Coolie High, that was in the plan though
Copying's the opposite of everything I stand fo
Recipe is destiny,
chef is not exactly givin me what isnt meant for me
Still, gotta rap because i feel it my bones when i spill it from the dome
Killin songs til my legacy builds, holla at me for the truth
And you know everybody wants the juice
Til youre feelin like Q, tossin bodies off the roof
If the price is a life, then it gotta be paid,
I aint stuntin this is somethin i can honestly say
I'd be like sir

We move the stars, we move the skies
We gettin crunk, we gettin live
Wont get you drunk, we wont get you high
But never mind, cause we'll get you right
Right, Right Right(x4)

Verse 2:
Action, life is real but youre still actin
Yes stressed but nevertheless still maxin
See Rich rappin in Singapore with the chorus I bring
The Lord of the Rings, youre Gollum I'm Phil Jackson
Parapelegic guarantee that you gon feel us
Kickin out the Jazz til my Banks gon Fill up
Flow tough until my dough nuts like old Dilla
You go ape shit? My flow show niggas who go realler, go figure
Feeling like the ceiling lights are growin dim
Heard applause the curtain draws, the show begins
If you wanna question why I'm rockin the stage
I aint trippin listen, this is what i'd probably say, I'd be like sir


Verse 3:
Just a misfit tryna find where i belong
And these niggad wanna knock it but they vibin to my songs
Doesnt matter how you start it, you just gotta finish strong
Word to my niggas in Paris and mulattos in Milan
Playing "Potholes in my Lawn" when I was 3 feet high
Bet its hard to recognize real with CG eyes
But you were blinded the second the money got in the way
And if you see it how I see it, you should stop them and say
something like sir

Track Name: Rack City
Rack city bitch rack rack city bitch
Wack silly shit is that what rap really is
You cats listening to all of that ignorance
Gimme that jay, that Nas that biggie shit
Public Enemy NWA
people who grab mics but had something to say
I ain't shatin on a nigga gettin money and they shi
But show me that there's something more than money on your mind
My thoughts are priceless and I fought my vices
Can't be unique so you bought the likeness
Don't seek success how y'all defined it
Flawed and blinded til were all reminded that it's
Rack city bitch rack rack city bitch
Wack silly shit is that what rap really is
Leather jacket and shades like black militants
Can't surpass the master and lack d
Tattoine days, Jedi knights
Millennium falcon red eye flights
Never paid y'all attention I led my life
And I won't be left alone til I'm read my rights
I give em TLC wih left eyes mic
The more I freestyle the less I write
Eyes on the prize never left my sights
But my bars too coded to suggest my price
Never test my stripes gotta show my soul out
On my quest for the love will they say I sold out
My sole doubt is that you have your roots in the music
No room for improvement you need the whole house
Rollin the whole ounce, tell houston im bout to blast off
You a coin star, I'm a bellagio cash vault
You mad soft, I'm Hannibal with the mask off
Hit the bath salts then eat you off of the asphalt
So much real to be found if you're out searching
Speak truth, causing the doubtful to sound certain
I'm married to the music you out and about flirtin
I swear to god I hope that you drown when you're crowd surfin in
Rack city bitch rack rack city bitch
Wack silly shit is that what rap really is?
Gimme premo, Pete rock, that dilla shit
Blast it, let the mass witness the magnificence
Lyrically it's like I'm rodney Mullen with a pogo
Black belt jones breakin bricks in the dojo
You slo mo, I start up it feels like the Preakness
Call my girl Achilles how them heels is her weakness man
Aint a thing to make a record with no thinking
But I keep my six sense like a jefferson and Lincoln
Mentally irregular but sent to eat competitors like predator so send em with whatever you was drink-in
find inner peace intertwined with the beat
DJs replay rewind and repeat
God flow gospel so you know one exists
Rack city bitch you know what it is
Track Name: Never Last
I grew up having daily appointments with disappointment
Wondering the outcome of my life with different choices
Wondering why my closest friends became these distant voices
And when the fuck did daps and hugs become these pistols pointed
I learned that good things never can last
Even if you puttin effort in whatever the task
But don't assume that I'm a pessimist it's better to ask
Viewing life in a different light with the predators mask
I'm daily commentating not just making conversation
Say my vision crazy when instate my observation
Hate me cause I'm saying really what the people feel
But life is gettin ill so I gotta keep it real
Still wanna be grant hill until the knee blows
Wanna be MVP until you're gettin D Rosed
Want that hammertime until you see the repo
Don't kill the messenger that's just how the scene goes
You know that guy or the girl that you feelin
Something like the center of the world that you live in
What might happen if life happens and y'all go separate ways
Do you regret it all or just cherish your yesterday's
Up to you the way you take it, doesn't change the facts
That what is done is done and ain't no way to take it back relax
Plus no matter how good or bad it was
I do my best to stay positive like Magic's blood
Grab a dutch and sip ciroc with a lime
in an optimist time you lookin at Optimus prime
Fuck feelings, I'm feeling like I'm a robot In disguise
Johnny 5 while you Wall-E's probably droppin like flies
See good things can never last, they never can
Whatever man
I'm not hatin, I'm just sayin to remember them facts
In case your dream team becomes the 2010 Pats
See good things can never last, they could be great but
Good things can never last, can you relate?
Remember that all good things come to an end
And nothing can last forever though its fun to pretend
Track Name: Live Good (feat. Brittany Anderson & Marlo)
Say All my people live good, may all my people live good, pray all my
Will All my people live good, till all my people live good, still all my
Can All my people live good, when all my people live good, then all my
Wont All my people live good, don't all my people live good

Verse 1:
Yo I came in the game with a dollar and a daydream
Feeling like the star player on the away team
And the referee will probably be the death of me
Bury me underground, drown me in the mainstream
Used to give a fuck but now I aint so generous
Used to hit the club but I don't need the membership
Never was a baller on a team as a teen
But the way they on my jock you'da thought I had a letterman
Never had a jump shot and all of my dunks skate
And I would rather chop drum breaks than pump weights
Never really saw eye to eye with peers either
But cheerleaders knew that I had flavor from one taste
I want to excel, hungry as hell but eatin good
The records labels never feel me like the people should
Make sure the lights are low when I'm on the microphone
And keep my reefer good til I see the reapers hood
Taking over the game so hit me with the ransom
Used to only reading Jet and now I'm tryna land one
Used to have a lot of problems, now it seems I am one
You are now rocking to the anthem, hands up


Verse 2:
All my niggas livin good, everybody eatin now
Chasin dreams with this rap shit until we feastin now
I can listen to my fans as they listen to my lyrics
Feel the spirit that you hearing. So happy it got me tearing up
Like my revenues, used to be out selling shoes
Now I'm coin shows with my bro, listen what I'm telling you
Just a kid that knows how to break bread
So my whole teams full, nobody left unfed
This Creator shit is true, we all got one gift
If we share it with the world then our lives gon flip
It went from meetings with the principal to meetings with Atlantic
And from bitches screaming "I hate you" to bitches thats romantic
Don't understand it, I aint plan it, but God knows this
When we make it to the top, we won't ride no bench
We gon have some fuckin cyphers with the loudest piff
We gon pull some all nighters with the wildest chicks
We gon shop all day rocking fly ass kicks
And we gon make this music so we all die rich ya dig
All my people live good
All my people live good nigga